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Frequently Asked Questions


About Shipping

Do you ship to my country? What carrier do you use?

How to trace the shipping of my package?

Why is there no updates?

Is shipping free?

Do you have expedited shipping?

What if the package gets lost during transit?

What if the shipping is delayed?

Can you declare a lower price on the package?

About Pre-order

Why can't you sell it when items are actually available, why "pre-order"?

How does it work to order with "deposit"?

When and how do I pay the remaining balance of my pre-order?

Will I be notified when a product is released? How?

Can I extend the valid time to my PayPal invoice?

What if I missed the deadline of the invoice for a pre-order?

Can I pay extra to ensure my pre-order is shipped in the first priority after release?

What if there is a delay on the release of my pre-order?

Can pre-order be cancelled if I change my mind?

Can I get reward points for the remaining balance I paid on PayPal?

About Order Processing

Can I change my order's address?

Can I cancel my order if I change my mind?

Why is my order still not shipped?

Why do others already list it as "in-stock" but you still say it's "pre-order"?

About After-sales

Can I return the product if I don't like it?

What if I receive a wrong product, or my package is missing items that I ordered?

What if I receive a defective product?

What if the product's packaging is damaged during shipping?

About Product

How to tell if a product is on pre-order or in-stock?

Is the product new and sealed?

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