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JIAOU DOLL 1/6 Female Body 10E Collection

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Understanding the skin tone of Jiaou Doll

About the product:

Details: Please see the description photos. If you have any questions or doubt, please contact us.
Neck: Could match head sculpts with standard neck adaptors
Movability : Highly poselable, around 30 ariticalations around whole body. 
Note: Please don't bend the articulations against normal directions in case of damage. When replacing hands, please heat the connection hollow first for 1 minute. Any damage after receiving is not covered in seller's responsibility.

Product Feature :

1) European Shape New Body 
2) Detachable Foot Bug Bust 
3) We add 2 New Skin Colors for female body as below :
JOQ-10E-WS01  New White Skin , more dark than our old white skin .
JOQ-10E-BS01  New Wheaten Skin , more dark than our old wheaten skin .

The Model Number of 1/6 European Shape Female Body as below :
  • JOQ-10E-WS01   New White Skin 
  • JOQ-10E-BS01    New Wheaten Skin 
  • JOQ-10E-WS      White Skin 
  • JOQ-10E-BS       Wheaten Skin 
  • JOQ-10E-YS        Natural Skin 
  • JOQ-10E-BM       Brown Skin 
  • JOQ-10E-PM       Pink Skin 
  • JOQ-10E-PS        Black Skin 
  • JOQ-10E-KT004    KT004

Product Set :
  • 1x Female Body ( without head )
  • 1x Display Stand 
  • 1x Bikini 
  • 4x Neck Joints 
  • 4x Pair Hands 
  • 3x Set Foot 

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