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In-stock 1/6 Scale VERYCOOL VCL-1001 Black Cat Custom Kit (No Body)

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About Custom Kit:

1. This product is an accessory pack for 1/6 scale action figure customizing.

2. This product (or some of its variants) might not contain the body or head sculpt, please make sure you read the product description before you order. The accessories contained please refer to the packing list in the product description.


Product List:

-Emulational head sculpture (Wheat)

-Leather bodysuit

-High-heeled leather boots

-Eye mask


- Kurbash

-Leather belts

-Belt metal pendant *4

-Natural hand-shape gloves(1 pair)

-Hold shape gloves(1 pair)

-Fist shape gloves(1 pair)

-Hook gun glove for right hand




*The product doesn’t contain body.

*The Leather bodysuit is exclusively made of super stretch fabric by VC, so far no discoloration has been found. If you have bought “Sniper-Little Sister”(VC-TJ-02A/B) before, you can take a look, and the fabric has no signs of aging after a few years of using.

*It is suitble for TBLeague Super-flexible female seamless body:PLMB2017-S23B Female body(Medium breast、Wheat、Muscle);PLMB2017-S19B Female body(Medium breast、Wheat);TBLeague Large breast female seamless body:PLLB2017-S21B(Wheat


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