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We're shipping now🛍.
We're shipping now🛍.

Pre-order 1/6 Toys Era PE005 The Tank Action Figure


Full price: $234.99

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Pre-order information:

1. This is a pre-order product. Estimated release in — Q3(July~September),2020
2. Actual release time depends on practical situation on suppliers' end, and is not promised.
3. Final product might have a slight difference to the advertised effect during pre-order phase. This could not be used for return / after-sale request.

Packing List

Helmet Head sculpt
Specially designed 1/6 scale 49cm tall Muscular figure body
Hands x 4 piece

Yellow jump suit

Other accessories:
Pre-order exclusive bonus accessory , to be revealed.

About shipping

Since this figure is extra large and weigh 3-4 KG, we would use EMS for all packages with no extra charge (Australia, Canada, Mexico we would still use the same special line) 
  • If you want to use DHL, you can choose the shipping plan "expeidted shipping (large figure)" when checkout. Because of the volume weight, the postage would be $29.99. If you want to go with this option, please make separate order for PE005, as this item is currently the only one with this shipping plan.
  • If your address does not support EMS / DHL, please kindly choose international transfer service. 
  • If there are any potential risks in our country with EMS and DHL, please confirm with us before release. 

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