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Country supported with expedited shipping

1. Which countries support expedited shipping? 

Please refer to the sheet below about countries supported with expedited shipping, and which carrier are applied. 

Region Expedited Carrier Rate
U.S. (Main) DHL Based on weight
U.S (Island) -
U.K. -
Germany -
Canada -
France TNT Flat $20
Australia -
Spain -
Japan EMS
Italy TNT Flat $20
Mexico EMS Flat $20
Russia -
Brazil -
Korea DHL Based on weight
Indonesia -
Singapore -
Netherlands TNT Flat $20
Thailand DHL Based on weight
Chile -
Israel -
Switzerland TNT Flat $20
Philippines TNT
Flat $20
Belgium TNT
Flat $20
Denmark TNT
Flat $20
Greece -
Austria TNT
Flat $20
New Zealand -
Finland TNT
Flat $20
Ireland TNT
Flat $20
Malaysia -
Argentina -
Sweden TNT
Flat $20
Norway -
Czechia TNT
Flat $20
Poland TNT
Flat $20
Turkey TNT
Flat $20
Hungary TNT
Flat $20
Ukraine -
Saudi Arabia ARAMEX
Portugal TNT
Flat $20
India -
Estonia -
South Africa ARAMEX
Colombia -
Croatia -
Vietnam -
Malta -
Belarus -
Latvia -
Luxembourg TNT
Flat $20
Brunei DHL Based on weight
Kazakhstan -
Egypt ARAMEX Based on weight
Bahrain ARAMEX Based on weight

2. Why is there no expedited shipping service to my country? 

We decide whether to enable expedited shipping to a certain country based on 3 factors: 

Customs policy 

The customs policies of some countries need the package to be declared in authentic value and be provided with invoices, if the package is shipped with expedited carriers. Under this circumstances, there would be high customs charge on customers' end, the package clearance process is also going to be longer. 

In order to prevent unnecessary charge/hassle dealing withe the customs, we would only use free shipping for this country. (e.g. Germany.) 


Advantages over "free shipping"

Free shipping does not mean that it's always unbearably slow. We have a few highly competitive channels in free shipping plan that could deliver the package around 1+ week. If the expedited shipping methods to this country does not have huge advantages over the speed of "free shipping", we would just temporarily leave it aside, and save the unnecessary postage for our customers. (e.g. the U.K., Australia, etc) 


3. What is the cost? 

The expedited shipping cost is a fixed cost to a few countries, but most of the rates are based on the weight & dimension of the order

You can see the cost after you submit your cart to checkout. There is a specific step that allows you to select from all the available shipping options. Each option would list the amount of the calculated shipping fee. 

* If your order contains multiple pre-order items which would release separately, there might be an additional cost based on the number of the split packages, because most expedited shipping method requires a minimum charge per package. We would reach out to you if additional fee is needed.