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Return / Exchange Policy

1. Coverage of return & exchange

The return/exchange request must be brought up within 7 days after the package is delivered, and meet any of the following situations:

  • 1.1 Completely unopened & unused item
    • 1.1.a All the products with factory packaging, must have new and complete packaging condition same as when they are received. If the packaging has shrink plastic seal, the plastic seal needs to stay unopened. If the item is sealed with our "M.I.N.T." sticker, the sticker needs to be kept complete as proof in brand new condition.
    • 1.1.b All the accessories in the clothes set must be unused, look completely new, ironed, and has no sign of being used in any aspects
    • 1.1.c As for Head sculpts with rooted hair, the hair style remains same as received, it has to be unchanged from length or style.
  • 1.2 Wrong product because of our processing mistake
  • 1.3 Serious shipping damage that cannot be repaired by replacing accessories (Also supported by Reimbursement Policy)
    • 1.4 Serious product quality defect that cannot be repaired by replacing accessories (Also supported by Reimbursement Policy)

    Note (1.3 & 1.4):

    There is a boundary between damages & defects that could and could not be supported with return & exchange. Not all the shipping damages & defects are supported with return & exchange.

    1. When it could be repaired with replacing accessories, we would send you the accessories to fix the problem.
    2. When the problem is minor or slight, and does not reach the "High" level, we cannot return & exchange the whole product for you. Please refer to how we grade the problems and how we reimburse by our reimbursement policy.

    2. Not supported for return or exchange

    When the product is the right item that you ordered, please know that the following situations are not covered in return or exchange policy

    • 2.1 Any boxed figure that's opened and does not have serious & unfixable problem
      • 2.1.a For boxed figure with quality problems, we would request for replacement accessories from the supplier according to after-sales policy. The quality control and warranty responsibility is provided by the supplier.
      • 2.1.b Slight difference between final product and advertised effect during pre-order phase is not accepted as legitimate reason for return or exchange. The supplier could adjust the details before they put the project to final mass production. They usually would not notify us when they apply small changes. The supplier holds the explanation responsibility to the final look of the product.

    3. Procedure for return or exchange

    • 3.1 If the situation of your case falls into the coverage of our policy, you need to submit your request within 7 days after receiving the package. You would need to submit pictures that could clearly demonstrate the problems you have with the package you received.
    • 3.2 When your request is approved, you would be given a return address to ship the package to. Please use economic shipping with tracking number to carry the return, and declare the package's value in less than < $20. On the conditions of 1.1, the postage needs to be paid by the buyer. On the other conditions, we would pay for the returning postage.
    • 3.3 When the return is successfully arranged, the buyer needs to provide tracking number and photo of receipt, which we could refer to when we calculate the reimbursement. We would pay the returning postage to you within 24 hours.
    • 3.4 According to the buyer's will and actual product availability, we would finally decide whether the problem is settled in a full refund or sending another product.