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We're shipping nowūüõć.



change address

Moving to a new address, or applied the wrong address.

CANCEL order

Orders are free to cancel before despatch / release with full refund.

switch product

We can help you revise the items on same prices before despatch.


Questions about product details, packing list.


Please let us know before the order is released / despatched.


Can I cancel my order if I change my mind? 

For in-stock items,  you are free to request a cancellation before despatch. After despatch, the orders could not be cancelled. 

For pre-order items, you are free to request a cancellation before release, you would be fully refunded. 

The deposit would no longer be refundable after release, if the buyer wants to cancel the pre-order, or fail to fulfill the remaining balance within given time, the deposit cannot be refunded. We would send buyer a $10 voucher to reimburse the loss. 

Our pre-order mechanism is designed to be flexible for items with long-waiting pre-order phase.  If you change your mind about the item, you could the a full refund before release time point. 

Can I change my order's address? 

Yes sure, please send us a request.  

Also, please know that the address will remain the same on your order status page even if we change it on our end, it's because after the order is generated, we can't revise the data on our website, but we can revise it in our ERP system where we eventually process the orders. Please don't be concerned if you still see the same address. 

Can I extend the valid time to my PayPal invoice? 

If the buyer needs to request for an extend in the validity time of invoice, please bring up within originally set validity timeframe. The extra validity time is30 days at most, and could only be requested once for each invoice

If the invoice requested for extended time is also due without payment, we would consider that the buyer gives up the pre-order, and will cancel the invoice & pre-order with no further communication.

Will I be notified when a product is released? How? 

  • If you already placed an order with full price, we would despatch it immediately after release, you would receive notification containing tracking number as usual orders. 
  • If your pre-order is made with deposit, we will (1) notify you via email after release to let you know you can pay the remaining balance. (2) Send you an invoice of the remaining balance to your PayPal.

What if I missed the deadline of the invoice for a pre-order?

First, please try to eliminate the risks that you would miss the notice when release comes. You should make sure: 

(1) Your account email can receive our emails well (our domain is 

(2) Your PayPal is the same account as your account in our system.  

(3) You can recognize the invoices from us, and do not reject them. 

If unfortunately you still missed out the deadline of your invoice, which has been canceled by us, you can send us an order-recovery request.

If we still have the product in-stock, we'll recover the pre-order for you and resent the invoice with the same price you ordered.

However, if the product is sold-out, please kindly understand that there is nothing we could do. 

When and how do I pay the remaining balance of my pre-order?

We would charge you when we receive release notice from the supplier by a PayPal invoice. 

Before we have specific information of the release time, the remaining balance is not needed because we don't want to take up your fund for too long with no delivery promise.

pre-order PROCEDURE


Place an order with full price / deposit to secure reservation

wait for release

Wait patiently until the manufacturing is finished.

fulfill payment

We will send you a PayPal invoice if you paid deposit.

receive package

We would despatch as soon as your order is fully paid.