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In-stock 1/12 POPTOYS BGS-033 BEAN-GELO Art of War whole set

by POP TOYS In-stock
240 Points
Shipping: Free to these countries est. 1.53kg
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Policy: In-stock for despatch 100% Original
In-stock for despatch 100% Original

Packing List:

1.Rommel head*1
2.Fox head*1
3.Julian head*1
4.Bruno head*1
5.1/12 body*3
6.Glove hands*4 pairs
7.Fox hands*1 pair
8.Ordinary hands*6 pairs
9.Pan holding hands*1 pair
10.Shirt *2
11.Scarf *2
12.Top *3
13.Pants *3
14.Fattening clothes *2
16.Officer boots *3pairs
17.Military cap *1
18.Fox military cap *1
19.Italian hat *1
20.Goggles *2 pairs
21.Iron Cross *1
22.Epaulet *2
24.Belt with y-belt *1
25.Belt with ammunition bag *1
26.PPK pistol *1
27.Pistol holster *1
28.Telescope *2
29.Ammunition bag *2
30.German kettle*1
31.Italian kettle*1
32.Mp40 submachine gun *1
33.M1981 carbine *1
34.Big brush *2
35.Small brush *2
36.Palette *2
37.Oil painting of tank *1
38.Oil painting of white dove*1
39.Easel *1
40.Realistic card doll*1
41.Abstract card doll*1
42.Figure stand*1
43.Waterwheel card*1

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