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1/12 Verycool VCF-3005 Black MC Camouflage Women Soldier Villa Figure (Defect)

by Verycool Soldout
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In-stock for despatch 100% Original


This is a returned product with the Issues below. Special price and no return.  
- Broken left arm
- Missing 1 magazine


About 1/12 Full Box

1. This is a fully assembled 1/12 scale action figure with body, head and accessories in the description. 
2. It comes with an original packaging box from the factory. 

Packing List:

-Emulational head sculpture*1
-1/12 highly movable female body
-Black MC camouflage tactical jumpsuits
-Military tactical boots (1 pair)
-Cartridge bag*4
-Military tactical backpack
-Leather belt
-Kneepad *2
-M4 Carbine(Black)
-ACOG Assault rifle sight(Black)
-LA5-PEQ Aiming Laser (Black)
-PMAG 30 (Black)
-Hands with mitts in natural status (1 Pair)
-Hands with mitts in hooking-gun status (1Pair)

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