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In-stock 1/6 COOMODEL SE115 Gothic Knight (Standard)

by COOMODEL Soldout
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Policy: In-stock for despatch 100% Original
In-stock for despatch 100% Original

Pre-order information:

1. This is a pre-order product. Estimated release in — Q4(Oct~Dec),2022
2. The actual release time is subject to the production schedule on the supplier's end, and beyond our control. There could be a delay because of scheduling adjustment or extra time for modification to achieve the best final effect. 
3. The final product might have slight differences from the advertised effect during the pre-order phase. This situation is not applicable for return / after-sale requests. 

Packing List:

The 1/6 Gothic Knight (Standard Ver.) Specially Features:
- One (1) head sculpt
- One (1) super active body
- Six (6) pieces of interchangeable palms

- One (1) red vest with chain armor
- One (1) pair of black pants
- One (1) pair of black shoes

- One (1) silver flip helmet
- One (1) silver chest-back armor
- One (1) pair of silver shoulder armors
- One (1) pair of silver elbow armors
- One (1) pair of silver gloves
- One (1) black leather belt
- One (1) silver waist-hip armor
- One (1) pair of silver leg armors
- One (1) pair of silver shoes

- One (1) knight halberd
- One (1) knight sword with a black scabbard

- One (1) black figure stand

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