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In-stock 1/6 HAOYUTOYS HH18062 Greek God of War Action Figure

by HAOYU TOYS In-stock
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Shipping: Free to these countries est. 2.4kg
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Policy: In-stock for despatch 100% Original
In-stock for despatch 100% Original

Packing List:

-1/6 simulated head carving
- kinetosomes
- 8 replacement hand types
- Shoes
- Belt
- Helmet (metal)
- Wrist armor (metal)
- Leg armour (metal)
- Shoulder armour (metal)
- Knife sheath (leather)
- Skirt (Fabric)
- Fish Scales (soft glue)
- Full Body Armor (metal)
- Spear (metal)
- Hunting Blade (metal)
- Round platform

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