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1/6 head sculpt for Ghost Rider with Light-up for 12'' action figure

1/6 head sculpt for Ghost Rider with Light-up for 12'' action figure

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About ghost rider:

Roberto ""Robbie"" Reyes is a young car mechanic from Los Angeles who, having been murdered by the Fifth Street Locos, was resurrected by Johnny Blaze and gained the power to transform into a demonic being known as the Ghost Rider. Seeking revenge for his brother's disability, Reyes used the Ghost Rider to hunt down and kill various criminals until he was tracked down by Quake, who sought to end Reyes' massacres. Eventually Quake led Reyes to S.H.I.E.L.D. and he assisted them in battling against Lucy Bauer and her search for the Darkhold which contained an ancient power. Learning that his uncle Eli Morrow had planned and succeeded in getting terrible powers, he helped S.H.I.E.L.D. to kill him, but in the process Reyes let himself to be teleported to another dimension, until Reyes managed to escape and return to Earth, just in time to help S.H.I.E.L.D. take down the crazed Aida, and rid the world of the Darkhold for good.

  • Actor: Ā Nicolas Cage
  • Movie: Ghost rider
  • Plot: When the motorcyclist Johnny Blaze finds that his father Barton Blaze has a terminal cancer, he accepts a pact with the Mephistopheles, giving his soul for the health of his beloved father. But the devil deceives him, and Barton dies in a motorcycle accident during an exhibition. Johnny leaves the carnival, his town, his friends and his girlfriend Roxanne. Years later Johnny Blaze becomes a famous motorcyclist, who risks his life in his shows, and he meets Roxanne again, now a TV reporter. However, Mephistopheles proposes Johnny to release his contract if he become the "Ghost Rider" and defeat his evil son Blackheart, who wants to possess one thousand evil souls and transform hell on earth.

About product:

Ā About product:

  • Scale: 1/6, for one-sixth action figure customization only
  • neck: with long neck
  • adaptor: with an adaptor, adapt to most appealing bodies for long-neck head sculpts on the market
  • notes: due to shipping policy, the batteries are not included.