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In-stock 1/6 Longshan West World Man in Black LS2022-01A Action Figure

by 龙山重工 Soldout
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Policy: In-stock for despatch 100% Original
In-stock for despatch 100% Original

About the product: 

***Shortgun and horse in picture NOT included***
Head sculpt          x 1 
voxel                 x 1 
suit                  x 1 
pants                 x 1 
vest                  x 1 
shirt                 x 1 
scarf                 x 1 
leather belt           x 1 
leather revolver holster x 1 
leather dagger holster  x 1 
Cowboy Hat           x 1 
Leather Shoes (PVC)    x 1
hand type             x 6 
revolver              x 1 
Bullet (brass)          x16
dagger               x 1 
bracket               x 1

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