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✨🎈🐰 We'll be on holiday from Jan 18 to Jan 27

In-stock 1/6 POPTOYS EX047 Saint Knight Joan of Arc 2.0 Action Figure

by POP TOYS In-stock
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In-stock for despatch 100% Original

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     The POPTOYS team is very honored to introduce the 10th anniversary version of the 12 inch Saint Knight Action Figure to you.
The outer armor worn by the character of the product is composed of 48 pieces of zinc alloy plate. Each piece of armor is connected by a combination of 1.4mm brass rivets. A total of more than 150 rivets are used. The belts used to connect the pieces are made of calf leather, which ensures its durability and firmness.
     The inner armor worn by the character is a highlight of this product. The team made this chain armor with extreme pure handcraft. The whole chain armor is made of metal rings with a diameter of 0.3mm and an outer diameter of 2.5mm, which is manually connected. More than 3000 rings are used in the hood part of the chain armor, about 10000 rings are used in the coat part of the chain armor, and about 15000 rings are used in the whole chain armor. We have overcome the difficulties of mass production and manufacturing to ensure that the finished products have the quality in the official pictures.
    Finally, the figure’s hair is upgraded from ordinary machine planting hair technology to manually sticking wool technology ,so that the character's hairstyle looks more natural and realistic.
    POPTOYS has always been exploring and pursuing better product technology. We also appreciate you for your company all the way. In the next decade, we will not change our original intention and insist on doing a good job in every product.

POPTOYS 1/6 Saint Knight 2.5mm diameter handcrafted chain armor 100% Metal armor Joan of Arc 2.0 10th Anniversary
2、Head with short hair*1 (Removed at the final production)
4、Brown cotton clothes*1
5、Brown cotton Pants*1
6、Manual chain upper armor*1
7、Manual chain armor
8、Neck armor*1
9、Plate armor*1
10、Arm armor*2
12、Genuine leather long sword hanging belt*1
13、Leather belt*1*1
15、Spear flagpole*1
16、Crossed sword*1
17、Sword scabbard*1
18、Transparent acrylic display box*1
19、Black stand*1

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