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In-stock 1/6 ZILTOYS Z004 Jill Custom Kit

by ZILTOYS In-stock
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About Custom Kit:

1. This product is an accessory pack for 1/6 scale action figure customizing.
2. This product (or some of its variants) might not contain the body or head sculpt, please make sure you read the product description before you order. The accessories contained please refer to the packing list in the product description.

Packing List:

The body is not included. Recommended body type is TBLeague S12D.

Z004 A list (pre-order bounty: 1 black vest)
1. head sculpt
2. Brassiere
3. Leather skirt
4. grey t-shirt
5. Handmade boots
6. Socks
7. 2 armbands
8. Dagger
9. Pistol
10.Assault rifle
11.Gloves hand type four

Z004 B List (pre-order bounty: 1 black vest)
1. Head sculpt
2. Brassiere
3. Dress trousers
4. Knitted top
5. Handmade boots
6. Socks
7. Gun belts
8. Elbow protectors
9. Daggers
10. Pistols
11.Assault rifle
12.Gloves hand type four

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