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In-stock 1/6 Scale Toy Center Spy’s Leather Clothing Suit


About Clothes:

1. This is a clothes product for 1/6 scale figure customizing, and could not be used for 1:1 real life wearing. 
2. Included accessories please refer to the packing list in the description. (Stock photos are provided by the supplier. Sometimes the supplier would include accessories only for demonstration but not for sale, like some weapons and shoes) 
3. Not all suppliers would do dyeing-proof tests to the product. If there's no specific clarification that this product would not cause dyeing, please make sure to detach the surface of figure skin to the fiber (you can do it by wrapping some preservative film on the skin)

4. Please choose the body type recommended by the supplier to match this product. If you need advice, please consult us.



  • Coat*1
  • sweater*1
  • belt*1
  • Jeans*1
  • Shoes*1
  • Pistol*1

This item doesn’t include head or body,

It is suitable for mainstream narrow shoulders body. 

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