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In-Stock Soldier Story SS100 1/6 Scale NYPD ESU “TACTICAL ENTRY TEAM” 12in Action Figure

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About the product

Brand New. Shipping with a tracking number.

Scale: 1/6, about 30cm tall. Just for 1/6 scale high-end action figure collection.

Details: Please see the description photos. If you have any questions or doubt, please contact us.

PAcking list:


MICH 2000 Helmet (/w US Flag printed at the back)

ACH 4-point chin straps

ESS tactical goggles

ESS ballistic glasses (clear ver.)

Black balaclava

NYPD ESU officer cap



Modern NYPD officer life live head sculpt




Bare Hand (1 Pair)

Bare Feet (1 Pair)



ESU tactical shirt (long sleeve /w NYPD ESU patches)

ESU logo blue T-shirt

ESU tactical pants

Inner short pants

Danner tactical boots (sewing / nylon & leather ver.)



Paraclete RAV tactical armor vest

Paraclete RAV cummerbund (1 pair)

Paraclete shoulder armor (1 pair)

Paraclete groin armor

Paraclete collar and throat armor

Paraclete shoulder pad (1 pair)

Double MP5 9mm molle pouch

Paraclete double M4 magazine molle pouch

Paraclete radio molle pouch

Gerber multi-tools pocket

Blackhawk admin molle pouch

Blackhawk utility molle pouch

North American rescue medic pouch

NYPD leather double 9mm magazine pouch

NYPD leather radio pouch (detachable / rotated feature)

Radio pouch adaptor belt loop

NYPD handcuffs pouch

Handcuffs key (metal)

Handcuffs (metal)

Tactical belt

Cable tie x 4

EMT Scissors (blue)


Multi- tools

Combat knee pad (1 pair)

Retactable Key holder

Key set

Leather belt loop keychain

Female side release buckle belt loop

D-ring belt loop

Ball pen (red)

Expendable baton

Rotated baton holder

Blackhawk hallagan tool

Blackhawk bolt cutter

Blackhawk thundersledge

Blackhawk entry tools backpack panel

Weapon gloved hand (1 pair)

Suunto watch (yellow)



Glock19 9mm pistol

Glock19 9mm magazine x 3  

Model 6004 ESU exclusive tactical holster (/w magnetic flap cover)

MP5A5 9mm sub-machine gun

Surefire MP5 fore grip tactical light

Aimpoint comp M4 red dot sight

MP5 9mm magazine x 4

MP5 3 point sling


INTRUDER tactical shield (/w LED dual lighting feature)

AG10 button cell x 2



Motorola SSE5000 radio

Motorola radio antenna

Thales speaker mic (/w motorola radio connector)

Speaker mic earphone  



US flag embroidered velcro patch (subdued) x 2

“POLICE” embroidered velcro patch x 2

O POS NKDA embroidered flag velcro patch

“NYPD POLICE” embroidered velcro patch



Exclusive NYPD logo figure stand & name plate

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