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by CC Toys
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About Product:

ELLI'S Packing List:

(body is not included , recommended body is TBLeague S27B)

neutral head scuplt x 1

frown head scuplt x 1

coat x 1

sweater x 1

rad shirt x 1

blue shirt x 1

jeans x 1

backpack x 1

shoes x 1

bow x 1

arrow x 4

handgun x 1

knife x 1

hacking knife x 1

flick knife x 1

crowbar x 1

brick x 1

molotov cocktail x 1

rifle x 1

flashlight x 1

scissors x 4

comic books x 1

joke book x 1

bracket x 1

photo x 1

wounded posture hands x 4



Joe Packing List:

neutral head scuplt xl angry head scuplt x 1

1/6 muscular body xl green checked shirt xl jeans x 1

backpack x 1

shoes x 1

watch x 1

hacking knife xl flick knife xl chopper xl crowbar x 1

wood stick x 1

brick x 1

bandage xl smoking bomb xl molotov cocktail xl revolving pistol xl rifle x 1

scissors x4

wounded posture hands x8 flamethrower x 1

bow x 1

arrow x 4

jacket x 1

blue checked shirt x 1

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