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In-stock 1/6 i8TOYS I8-C002ABCD OiranIchiya Custom Kit (No Body)

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In-stock for despatch 100% Original

About 1/6 Custom Kit:

1. This product is an accessory pack for 1/6 scale action figure customizing.
2. This product (or some of its variants) might not contain the body or head sculpt, please make sure you read the product description before you order. The accessories contained please refer to the packing list in the product description.

Packing List:

This product does not include the body. To assemble a full set, recommended body type is TBLeague / Jiaou Doll seamless body

I8-C002A  Black longfurisode
I8-C002B  Green & red long furisode
I8-C002C  Red long furisode
I8-C002D  Purple long furisode

Product Include
-Female head Sculpt (moveable eyeball)  
-Long furisode
***The cutting is base on reallong furisode, length can be adjusted, suitable for any brands of 1/6 scalefemale body.
-Suzu (small bell)  
-Kiseru(tobacco pipe)
-Left hand shape for holding kiseru
-High heel Geta (high heel Japanese clogs)


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