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In-stock 1/6 Scale Genesis KING OF FIGHTERS MAI SHIRANUI 12in Figure

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Brand: Genesis Collectibles
Material: PVC
Model: KOF-MS01
Product Size : Height 335mm(13.19”)
Product Weight with the box: 1.31kg(2.89lbs)
Dimension (Shipping Box) : 373mm*213mm*133mm(14.69”*8.39”*5.24”)
Shipping : 2Q, 2019
Limited Edition : TBD

Genesis Collectibles is proud to announce that the popular fighter MAI SHIRANUI from The King Of Fighters(XIV) is now available for sale!
The new generation of KOF has formed a full-3D modeling system similar to Street Fighter IV, but it still inherits the advantages in fighting from fighting rhythm and character movements, and MAI SHIRANUI has become one of the popular character in KOF.
One head sculpt with ponytail separated
One seamless female body
One pair of relaxed hands
One pair of fist hand
One pair of hands for holding paper fan
One pair of hands for holding opening paper fan
One pair of hands for playing Ninja
One piece of Butterfly knot on back
Two pieces of paper fans
One pair of costume
One pair of Black wrister
One pair of Socks
One transparent stand
One base with a flame and customized pattern

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