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Pre-order 1/6 Scale Soldier Story SS-116 HK POLICE - CTRU Tactical Medic


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Pre-order information:

1. This is a pre-order product. Estimated release in —Q4(Oct~Dec),2019
2. Actual release time depends on practical situation on suppliers' end, and is not promised.
3. If you pre-order with $19.99 deposit, we would notify you via email, and invoice you the remaining balance upon release time.
4. Final product might have a slight difference to the advertised effect during pre-order phase. This could not be used for return / after-sale request.


  • TM tactical bump helmet
  • TM shock cord kit
  • TM helmet strap set
  • TM headset adapter kit (fixed pop off position)
  • Tactical 6-S headset
  • Helmet camera
  • Helmet strobe light
  • Tactical goggles
  • Black balaclava

Modern CTRU police officer life-like head sculpt

Bare weapon Hand (1 Pair)
Bare Feet (1 Pair)

  • UF combat shit
  • UF combat pants
  • White foam innerwaer
  • Sewing black tactical combat boot (1 pair)

  • CTRU 3.0 wolf grey tactical armor
  • Armor plate x 2
  • Weapon holder bungee cord
  • Wolf grey shoulder pad (1 pair)
  • Wolf grey horizontal utility pouch
  • Wolf grey utility pouch
  • Wolf grey radio pouch
  • Wolf grey strobe pouch
  • MS-2000 strobe light
  • CTRU logo tactical trauma backpack
  • Black tactical belt
  • Belt loop x 4
  • Belt loop /w snap hook
  • Hand cuffs pouch
  • Hand cuffs (metal)
  • OC spray holster
  • HKPC MK-4 OC spray
  • Multi tool pouch
  • Multi tool
  • CTRU medic pouch
  • 511 medic pouch
  • Molle utility pouch
  • Gas mask pouch
  • 9mm pistol double magazine pouch
  • 5.56 drop leg double magazine pouch
  • Light stick (red)
  • Light stick (yellow) x 2
  • Tac link carabiner
  • Carabiner
  • Ball pan (red)
  • Ball pan (black)
  • Tape roll (red)
  • Trauma shears
  • Rotated baton holster
  • Expandable Baton (metal)
  • Plastic handcuffs x 2
  • Combat pant knee pad (1 pair)
  • Tactical gloved weapon hand (1 pair)
  • G watch

  • G17 9mm pistol
  • G17 9mm 17rds magazine x 3
  • G17 Pistol safety lanyard
  • Night-OPS XIPHOS pistol light (attach to G17 pistol)
  • CQC Serpa drop leg XIPHOP light holster
  • SIG 516 5.56 assault rifle (dark earth finish)
  • SIG 516 flip up front sight
  • SIG 516 flip up rear sight
  • 1-4x24 compact rifle scope /w scope mount
  • X400 weapon light laser combo
  • Retractable bipod foregrip (gen.II)
  • M4/M16 style blank firing barrel adapter (red)
  • SIG 516 translucent smoke 30rd magazine x 3
  • SIG 516 translucent smoke 30rd magazine /w exercise red tape
  • Single QD tactical sling

  • MTS tactical radio
  • MTS radio antenna
  • Bone conduction ear microphone and PTT switch
  • Microphone cable clip

  • Embroidered velcro name patch
  • Embroidered velcro call sign patch x 2
  • Embroidered velcro HKSAR flag patch x 2
  • Embroidered velcro A+ blood patch x 2
  • Embroidered velcro CTRU patch x2
  • Embroidered velcro round CTRU unicorn patch
  • Embroidered velcro triangle CTRU patch

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