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Pre-order 1/6 Scale WorldBox Bousouzoku CP AT029 Action Figure (Dual)

How does deposit work?
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Pre-order information:

1. This is a pre-order product. Estimated release in —Q4(Oct~Dec),2019

2. Actual release time depends on practical situation on suppliers' end, and is not promised.

3. If you pre-order with $19.99 deposit, we would notify you via email, and invoice you the remaining balance upon release time.
4. Final product might have a slight difference to the advertised effect during pre-order phase. This could not be used for return / after-sale request.
5. Please make separate orders for "pre-order" items.

About Boxed Figure:

1. This product is a full-set figure including head sculpt, body and accessories. Details please refer to packing list in description.

2. Return and exchange is not accepted for boxed figure after it's opened, please consider carefully before you purchase.

Packing List

- Two (2) newly developed head sculpt

- Angry vicious expression

- A black color hair quif sculpture

- A black color hair buzz cut sculpture

- Two(2)Durable body

- Approximately 30cm tall

- Eight (8) pieces hands including:

- Two (2) pair of fists

- Two (2) pair of relaxed hands

- Two (2) pair of hold a gun hands

- Two (2) pair of hold a stick hands

- Each piece of head sculpt is hand-painted


- One (1) white colored work clothes with printed word

- One (1) white colored work pants with printed word

- One (1) white colored overcoat with printed word

- One (1) white colored work pants no word

- Two (2) metallic and black colored belt

- One (1) white colored towel

- Tied to the head

- One (1) red colored armband with printed word

- One (1) white colored vest

- One (1) white colored mask

- One (1) white colored cloth belt

- Wrapped around the waist

- Two (2) red colored strip

- Tied to the upper body

- One (1) pair of black colored rain boots

- One (1) pair of black colored Mid-high boots


- One (1) red colored baseball bat

- One (1) wood colored bokuto

- Wood sword

- One (1) silver colored necklace

- One (1) black colored motorcycle helmet

- One (1) big banner with Bousouzoku

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