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In-stock ACPLAY Toys 1/6 Scale ATX042 Lightning Warrior Suit with head

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About the product:

Scale: 1/6, about 30cm tall. Just for 1/6 scale high-end action figure customizing.
Details: Please see the description photos. If you have any questions or doubt, please contact us.

  • Head*1
  • Armet*1(can take off)
  • Black undershirt
  • Arm sleeve*1
  • Vambrace*2
  • Breastplate*1
  • Cloak*1
  • Belt*1
  • Leather pants*1 pair
  • Cuish*2
  • High-heeled shoes(solid)*1 pair
  • Battleax*1
The body in the pictures isn't included in the product.
This suit applies to the female body of TBLeague S10D.

For more details please read: 

How to choose the right Phicen Female Body?

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