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In-stock Soldier Story 1/6 Medal Of Honor Navy SEAL Tier One Operator "Voodoo"

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About the product

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Scale: 1/6, about 30cm tall. Just for 1/6 scale high-end action figure collection.
Details: Please see the description photos. If you have any questions or doubt, please contact us.

Packing list:

Ops Core FAST Maritime ballistic helmet (AOR1 pattern hydro dip)
Wilcox L4 G19 mount /w horn 
GPNVG18 night vision goggles (LED ver.)
LED light module (battery box) x 2
AG1 battery x 4
GPNVG18 battery box
GPNVG18 lens cover x 2
Contour HD helmet camera 
Princeton Tec MPLS rail light 
S&S Manta strobe
S&S V-LITE (red)
S&S V-LITE (blue)
Kaenon sunglasses (smoke lens)

Life live Medal Of Honor Voodoo headsculpt 

Weapon holding bare hand (1 Pair)
Relaxed bare hand (1 Pair)
Bare Feet (1 Pair)

Crye Precision Navy custom G3 combat shirt (sleeves cut)
Crye Precision Navy custom combat shirt 
Crye Precision knee pad (1 pair) 
Brown T-shirt
Inner vest 
CQB/Rigger's belt 
Merrell hiking boots (sewing)
Black/Tan shemagh desert scarf 

LBT AOR1 6094K M4 front panel 
LBT AOR1 6094A back panel
LBT AOR1 6094 shoulder pads (1 pair)
LBT AOR1 6094 Cummerbund
EI AOR1 hand grenade pouch
S&S AOR1 vertical tourniquet pouch 
S&S AOR1 tourniquet
LBT AOR1 NVG pouch 
LBT AOR1 NVG pouch (medic pouch custom) 
LBT AOR1 hydro carrier
EI AOR1 charge pouch
EI AOR1 canteen pouch
EI AOR1 Double 9mm pouch
EI AOR1 Leg panel 
EI AOR1 40mm pouch x 6
Crye AOR1 small utility pouch
Crye AOR1 40mm pouch  
LBT 9022b AOR1 medic pouch
Armor plate x 2 
Yates Gear personal retention lanyard w/ Kong clip
M67 hand grenade
MK13 MOD 0 flash bang X 2 
Tactical light stick (short) x 3
Tactical light stick (red / long) 
Trauma shear (blue)
Rite in rain note book (tan)
Garmin foretrex 101 GPS /w wristband 
Tactical bolt cutters /w AOR1 camo spray & grip tape 
Plastic handcuffs x 3 
Carabiner (small)
Carabiner (large)
Explosive breaching charge 
Hydration drink tube
Hydration drink tube cover
Yellow ball pen
Waterproof pen 
SOG Voodoo hawk 
SOG Voodoo hawk sheath
Winkler belt knife
Winkler knife sheath
Water bottle
C-A-T combat application tourniquet 
Tactical gloved weapon hand (1 pair)
MK54 MOD0 Firing device hand held
G-shock watch

PRC148 tactical radio
PRC148 extension cable
PRC148 blade antenna 
Atlantic signal dominator II headset
Atlantic signal dominator II PTT box 

FN MK17 MOD0 7.62 rifle (AOR1 camo spray)
FN MK17 MOD0 front / rear iron sight 
FN MK17 rifle magazine x4 
FNH ECP flash hider 
FN MK17 suppressor 
FN EGLM grenade launcher (AOR1 camo spray)
Insight SU-233 weapon light
Insight dual pressure switch 
Elcan specter dr 1.5X / 6X 
LA5/ PEQ laser pointer
40mm M433 grenade x 3
40mm White star
40mm training round  
LBT AOR1 wide pad rifle sling
SIG P226R 9mm pistol (AOR1 camo spray)
AAC Evolution 9mm suppressor  (AOR1 camo spray)
SIG P226 9mm pistol magazine x2
LBT AOR1 0372L holster

MOH Tier one velcro patch 
96XKCall sign velcro patch
GK1 AOR1 call sign velcro patch
Punisher round velcro patch 
IR US black/tan velcro patch
IR US black/green velcro patch
NRA membership velcro patch
Don’t tread on me AOR1 velcro patch

MOH warfighter “VOODOO” exclusive figure stand 

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