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Pre-order X-Men 1/6 Toys era

Pre-order X-Men 1/6 Toys era "MYSTIQUE" Deposite possibility Jennifer Lawrence Shifter


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$20 is not the final price of this item, but a down payment to pre-order it. 

Pre-order details:

 Product Name X-Men 1/6 Toys era "MYSTIQUE" Deposite possibility Jennifer Lawrence Shifter
 Brand Toys Era
 Final Price $189.99
 Down Payment Price $20
 Estimated release date

At the end of Q1, 2018

* Actual date might be a few more weeks delayed sometimes due to practical situation. If you mind that, please reconsider.

About Mystique

True to her name, the shape shifting Mystique is an enigma. Is she a mutant terrorist determined to bring about the end of humanity, or a misguided mutant with a good heart?

  • Actor: Jennifer Lawrence
  • Orgin: X-men


About product: 

items included:


  • Highly detailed head Sculpt x 1
  • Flexible seamless body (approximately 28cm tall, with specially sculpted skin texture)
  • hands x 5
  • Clear plastic pistol x 1
  • Figure Stand x 1


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