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Excess postage for TE029 The Beast

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If your pre-order is for more than 1 PC, please add by the quantity of your pre-order of this item. 


  • This fee needs to be charged for dramatic shipping cost increast in certain countries. 
  • You can choose the carriers when checkout. 
  • Only the part beyond normal range would be charged, not the entire part.  (e.g., normal shipping cost is $10, curren shipping cost is $20, then only $10 would be charged)
  • Please note your order number in the cart page so that we could find the referred pre-order. 
  • Please do not order this item if haven't received related notification from us. 
  • If you pre-order with deposit, we would make the despatch after we receive both excess postage & PayPal invoice. 

Reason for this charge

  • During April 2020, we've seen the postage rising crazily from the $10 to $30 per Kilos to some countries , which we have never seen before. When we ship a figure with the same pricing, we are making negative profits because the increased part exceeds our limited profits. 


  • If you do not want to pay for this postage, we can ship this figure to you when the shipping cost is back to normal (probably when the influence of the COVID-19 is under control globally). Although we deeply believe that we are going to overcome this pandemic soon, the actual time point of cost recovery cannot be promised from our end. There is also possibility that the postage would continue to rise in the short term until fully stabilized. 
  • If you prefer to postpone the despatch, please send us an request to We'll make sure your reservation is still 100% secured until the cost is back to normal. 

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