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[#Tan] In-stock 1/6 Scale Jiaou Doll Skin Tone Seamless Female Body (No Head)

by JIAOU DOLLS In-stock
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In-stock for despatch 100% Original

Understanding the skin tones of Jiaou Dolls



This is so far the darkest skin tone in Jiaou Doll female collections. It's in a similar tone of "suntan" but in a darker color, which makes it a perfect fit if you think the head sculpt has a skin tone darker than Phicen / TBLeague "suntan"


- 10C: Asian size, detachable feet.
- 09F: European size, undetachable feet.
- 10E:  European size, detachable feet.


Packing List:

1x Female Body ( without head )
1x Display Stand
1x Bikini
4x Neck Joints
4x Pair Hands
3x Set Foot  


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