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[#Tan] In-stock 1/6 Scale Jiaou Doll Skin Tone Seamless Female Body (No Head)

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This product does not contain the head sculpt. The head sculpt on main photo is only for demonstration. 


This is so far the darkest skin tone in Jiaou Doll female collections. Its in the similar tone of "suntan" but in a darker color, which makes it perfect fit if you think the head sculpt has a skin tone darker than Phicen / TBLeague "suntan"


- 10C: Asian size, detachable feet.
- 09F: European size, undetachable feet.
- 10E:  European size, detachable feet.

Packing List:

1x Female Body ( without head )
1x Display Stand
1x Bikini
4x Neck Joints
4x Pair Hands
3x Set Foot  


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