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[Pop-up] What's the full price of the product?

What are $19.99 and "Full Price"?

  • $19.99 the deposit ( partial down payment ) you put to reserve a pre-order item, differing from the "full price".
  • Full price is in the highlight notes from where you click, and is the actual value of this item.
  • Remaining balance ( full price - $19.99 ) would be charged after release, via a PayPal invoice to fulfill the full-price amount, if you order with deposit.

Do I have to pay extra besides full price to finally get this item? 

  • Postage: we offer free shipping to most countries around the world. 
  • Tax: Tax-free.  
  • Declaration: We declare packages in safe value (< 20 USD)

Switch payment method between "Full Price" or "Deposit"

You are free to choose whichever method you prefer to pre-order a product. Simply click on the payment variant you want to go with.