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[Policy] Product price

Product price policy
  • To help you better estimate the full cost on the product page, our pricing already includes a standard shipping cost, which makes it look higher than the market price. However, if you are from our "free shipping areas", it also means that you do not need to pay any postage when checkout (Refer to the real-time display on the checkout page for details)
  • Different variants of the same product can come at different prices. Click the variant to confirm its price.
  • If you choose to pay a "deposit" to place pre-orders, the remaining balance will be charged separately with a PayPal invoice when the release is coming. The amount of the balance is the displayed "full price" amount deducting the "deposit" amount.
  • Our pricing/transaction currency is USD
    • You can select different currencies when browsing the store, but all prices will be converted to USD after you submit the cart to the checkout process
    • We also use USD to calculate the remaining balance of the pre-orders made with deposits (as the balance payment is usually scheduled several months after the deposit payment, the final amount in your local currency may fluctuate due to exchange rate changes)