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About us

We're a seller and distributor in China specializing in high-end collectibles. 

We aim to provide diverse products🪐 with the reasonable prices and warm customers service💗. We will always put our customers at first and do our best to be a seller/friend that you can trust when building your collection kingdom. 


Products and service


We offer collectible figures. The majority categories are: 

  • 📦 1/6 and 1/12 scale fully-assembled action figures
  • 🧩 1/6 and 1/12 scale accessories to customize the figures by yourself
  • 🗿 Statues in other scales

View full map of our store 🗺 here. 



Since most collectible figures are provided in limited quantity and need to be reserved with a pre-order, we also provide pre-order as soon as the products are announced.

  • For products with relatively high values, we allow pre-ordering with deposit. We will wait until the release to charge you for the balance with a PayPal invoice. 
  • You can also just choose full payment to save the worries for balance payment later. 

You can read these docs to know about our pre-order policies: 



We support PayPal as the safe checkout payment method.  


Free shipping 

  • We ship from China and provide free shipping to most countries (Click here to know more)
  • If you are from a EU country, the shipping is free, but you will have to pay a partial tax based on the product category ($5 at most) because of the new EU VAT policy since July 1 2021. The tax will be added in the shipping fee so you might see that the shipping fee is not free but the amount is actually for the tax. With the partial tax, we will ship your package with an iOSS code to make sure that you do not need to deal with customs when the package is imported. (Click here to know more)
  • To some countries, we also offer expedited shipping methods like FedEx and DHL. You will know all of the shipping options during the check-out and choose whichever you want to proceed with the order. 

Reward program

We have a loyalty program (credit/reward system) that will earn reward points for you for each dollar you spend in our store. The reward points can be redeemed to store vouches 🎫 . (Click here to know more)


After-sales service

We feel deeply grateful for every customer who choose us 🙏 and will do our best to provide friend-like service throughout the shopping experience. We will be there during the waiting of the pre-orders to share updates, and help you get after-sales service from the factory when you receive a product with issues. 


More about us

"Giantoy" is a name we came up with in a team brainstorming. It's a compound word of "giant" and "toy". When playing with the figures with highly realistic details in smaller scales, it reminds us of the stories about a little boy's accidental and mysterious visit into the kingdom of the "little men". "Giantoy" describes a fantasy that your collections are like these "little men" and you're a giant observing from the top. 

Be the giant of your own little kingdom and rule with pure happiness forever👑