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About us

We sell

We're a seller and distributor based in China specializing in high-end collectibles of movies, games, TV series, celebrities, etc. We have acquired authorization of many popular brands that design exquisite collectibles.

Our philosophy is to provide diverse products with the reasonable prices along with warm and end-to-end service to our customers. Here with us, you can discover a wide range of products based from themes from the most trending stories, to the very classic, historical artworks. We will strive to bring more products covering more valuable themes and stories, in order to meet the demands of different groups of enthusiasts.

Diversity and quality are our belief.  


We love what you love. Fueled by the passion for all the stories behind each product, it's our inner energy and mission to bring more and more characters to life in the grandest celebration we can possibly muster.

We customize

We not only sell MINT collectible figures, we also provide various types of custom parts for one-sixth scale figure customizers to assemble their own version of any figure.

We provide one-sixth head sculpts, bodies, costumes and accessories designed by different third-party companies or individual designers. The quality of the custom parts are no less then the figures sold in full box.

Above all, you can choose your favorite style and choose according parts for your own custom project. We will feel even more satisfied and proud if you assemble whom you love and admire.


We produce

We have bond with the strongest manufactures in the business. One of them have been working with Hot Toys, the most popular brand selling one-sixth action figures around the world, for 7 years for product developing and mass-producing. Some of them are experienced artists specializing in sculpting and repainting, who can take order in a relatively smaller quantity and operate under a more flexible collaboration.

We have acquired the best-in-class skills, craft and talents utilized in the producing of head sculpt, body, clothes / costume, accessories and all the segments about action figure collectibles.

If you want to develop a figure by yourself and mass-produce it for market-sale, we're your best man.

Click here to know more details about our OEM plan.

We dream

"GIANTOY" is a compound word of "giant" and "toy". When we're playing with the scale figures we collect, this scene reminds me of the stories I heard when I was a child about a little boy's  accidental and mysterious visit into the kingdom of the "little men". For the first time in his life, he suddenly felt the joy of being the "GIANTOY", seeing everything from higher above.

"GIANTOY" describes a fantasy that your collectibles are like real-life humans. And you're a giant observing, manipulating them from the top of the world. "GIANTOY" wants you to remember the magical feeling you once had when you were a child.

Be the giant of your own little kingdom and rule with pure happiness forever.  



GIANTOY action figures

Shenzhen, China