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 Standard Shipping (Free)

 Carrier Transfer Time (Aver.) Countries Applied
China Post (L Series)
7-14 Working Days
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia,  Spain,Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States
China Post (R Series)
7-14 Working Days
Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, The United Arab Emirates
UBI (Belgium Post)
7-14 Working Days
UBI (SCM Mexico) 13-21 Working Days Mexico
UBI (Canadian Post) 7-14 Working Days Canada
UBI (Australian Post) 7-14 Working Days Australia
SF Express (Testing) 7-12 Working Days United States



  1. We use economic shipping with fully traceable tracking updates supported by 17TRACK.
  2. Transfer time is only referred as an average range. Because the logistics involves the well-functioning of local customs department and post system, there could be a delay during holiday and bad weather conditions. Please wait patiently if delay happens. (Appendix please find the example tracking updates for China Post during regular and busy time)
  3. Some R-Series China Post might take longer than average (e.g. The United Arab Emirates needs 30-40 days on average). In order to avoid long waiting, we have to suspend shipping to Bolivia, Columbia, Argentina and Peru.
  4. We are starting to test a new channel "SF Express" to United States since March 1, 2019. If the performance of this channel is promising, we would substitute China Post to SF Express on all standard packages to United States, in order to balance the instability of China Post during busy seasons.
  5. Tracking Websites:
    • CHINA POST: For initial tracing right after despatch, please use internal tracking by carrier:, it would contain more details. 3-5 days after despatch, all the updates would sync on 17TRACK, you could use it for follow-up tracing.
    • UBI: Please use carrier's website to trace: 17TRACK would also work, but you would have to select the right carrier before tracking. 

Expedited Shipping ($19.99) 

Carrier Transfer Time (Aver.)  Counties Applied
5-7 Working Days
Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Philippines, Sweden, Switzerland, United States
Special Line
7-10 Working Days
Canada, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore
e-EMS 5-7 Working Days Japan, Korea, Thailand
EMS 7-10 Working Days Australia, New Zealand
Aramex 5-7 Working Days The United Arab Emirates
Not Supported - Indonesia, Israel, Mexico, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom



  1. The transfer time is only an average value and could have fluctuation during busy seasons.
  2. Since expedited normally use commercial clearance channels, the examination of packages would be more strict than economic shipping, which also varies according to different policy in destination countries. A lower declaration might be monitored to some countries and the customs would require buyer to provide documents for claiming the goods. In order to avoid such risks, we would suspend expedited shipping to these countries with policy limits until we find safer expedited options.



Special Note On "China Post"

The overall shipping duration for China Post depends on 5 factors:

  1. Processing time in China till it leaves processing centre (stable)
  2. Processing time for package to be sealed in batch and arranged to certain flights (stable) 
  3. Processing time at local airport in destination country 
  4. Processing time for local customs clearance
  5. Processing time for local post system until final delivery

During busy seasons, like Black Friday & Christmas, because of the surging package quantity, there might be a short delay because of factors 3~5. Please know that such delay is inevitable and seasonal, your patient waiting and understanding is very much appreciated.  

Shipping Duration in 2018-8 (regular month)

Shipping Duration in 2018-12 (busy month)