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How to choose the right Phicen/TBLeague female body?

How to choose the right Phicen/TBLeague female body?

Date Update
July 21, 2018
Update the chart at the end of the post, as pointed out by many readers that S22A & S22B both have secret parts. 
August 1, 2018

Add S16A and S17B in the chart which specify skin tone and body type.

August, 2018

Add comparison between S16A, S18A, S20A, S22A on a more detailed level, differences on body curves, muscles, height.

March 17, 2019 Correct the measurements and complete from S01 ~ S23B


Note: This article contains sensitive photos, if you are under age 18, please leave.

Comment from Author: 

Hey guys, this is Amelia, the admin of Giantoy. I wrote this article because I've always been asked this same question over and over again by our customers. There're so many versions on the market and I totally understand why we could get confused and don't know which type to choose. 

There're some guides wrote by others on the internet which are great, and in my version, I want to have a systematic method that's simple and certain for anyone to follow.  

Thank you for reading this article, and for those who point out my mistakes, I really appreciate it! Before writing out a "perfect" article, I want to be at least not too "misguiding" at first. Thank you for the tolerance of my limited knowledge. I'll keep updating according to your comments.

Hopefully, this article could be helpful for you in any aspect. If you have questions, please feel free to comment or email us by


2 Main factors to consider.

Skin tone and body types are the 2 main factors you need to consider to narrow down your choices.


Skin tone

Phicen offer 2 skin tones, which is “pale” and “suntan”. If you are choosing a body for a specific head sculpt of a character, make sure the skin tone fits the head sculpt.


Difference between “pale” and “suntan”

In the comparison photo taken in natural lighting, you can see the difference of “pale" and “suntan”. “Pale" looks a little pinky,  while “Suntan" looks closer to normal human skin tone. Note that “Suntan” is not that exaggerate dark, the color contrast and brightness are a little bit lower then “pale”, but does not look “tan” or “black” at all. 

For most characters in the movie featured by real-human actresses, like Scarlet Witch, Rey, Black Widow, Pepper…Suntan would be a safe choice. Even when the skin tone of the head sculpt is a little bit light, “suntan” would not look incoordinate. Thus it’s more recommended for characters portrayed by real human.


Skin tone match with head sculpt from KIMI toys & Superduck 

In the following photo, you can see the skin tone matching for a few popular head sculpt designed by KIMI toys & Superduck. 

As you can see, “pale” and “suntan” both look fine on most of them. So which one to choose is really up to you. Both of them would look good.

Body Types

By body types, we are usually talking about “breast size”. Same as skin tone, they offer 2 types, which are “Middle” and “Large”.


Difference between “Middle” and “Large”

In the comparison photo, you can see the exact size of “middle” and “large” breasts. 

How to choose the right body type

Okay, now you know very specifically the difference between “mid” breast and “large”. How do you choose then?


The highest priority here should be the clothes you are planning to wear on her. Make sure that they’re not too tight to wear on the body you’re choosing, especially upper clothes without elasticity. If you choose a body with bigger breast sizes or hiplines, some part of the clothes accessories might be very difficult to wear on or zip up. 


Then, consider the body type of the character. You want the figure to look like the person as much as possible, so the body would also be a very important factor to keep assistance. For example, for Rey, if you choose “Large breast”, she would look a bit "off" after final assembling. The clothes you plan to wear on her would also be too tight.


How do I know the whether the clothes would fit on the body I choose?

The simplest way would be to ask the seller. But there are certainly ways you can tell this by yourself.

You can measure the body size in the description photos of the costumes/clothes you prepare, and then make your own choice referring to the body they use.


Jumpsuits made with leather or other material has little or no elasticity are usually too tight on Phicen large-bust bodies. Sometimes they might also be too tight for mid-bust bodies, and you have to use bodies from our brands like Kumik and POP Toys. Make sure you confirm with your seller. 

Evening dress and some other female clothes has no strict limit of bust size or hiplines, you can choose whatever you like under these circumstances.


Other details of the body

Besides the most major specification on the body, the breast size, there are some other details that might interest you.


What are female secret parts?

These refer to the biological female part, the vagina. Since this issue is too sensitive, I won’t put a photo here. If you still need to see it, please send a message to


The color of the nipples

The color of the nipples are mostly the same to the skin tone, not dark.


What are the newest athletic bodies like?

S22A & S22B are the newest athletic bodies released in 2017. What do they look like in reality?

In the photo, you can see that there are a medium amount of muscle on the abs. From the side, the ribs are also revealing underneath the skin.



Follow a chart to make your decision

Now you should already have an idea on the decision of skin tone and body types, then let’s follow this chart and narrow down your choice to a specific type of Phicen body.  



  • Series from S10D to S23B all has detachable feet. 
  • Series before S12D does not have any extra hands and feet. S12D only has 2 extra feet. After 12D, every figure has 4 extra hands and 2 extra feet. 
  • Only S07C, S09C, S22A, S23B has detailed secret parts. 
  • The measurements are all in centimeter.
  • Height: Bottom of feet to the top of neck ball joint.
  • Leg: Bottom of feet to crotch
  • Waist: The width on the height belly button


A detailed comparison between #pale# bodies

Besides skin tones, mid/large bust, there're other differences that you might wonder. We'll take a look at S16A, S18A, S20A, S22A.  


Breast size 

Although S16A, S18A, S22A are all advertised as mid bust, they still look different from one another. According to the actual size: S20A > S22A > S18A > S16A


S18A has a very smooth curve on the transition of neck and shoulder area, the collarbone are also not that revealing. In all, I think S18A looks very soft and tender. 


Waist Width and abs



Muscles on the Abs

S22A > S16A >= S20A > S18A




Muscles on the thighs

S22A > S20A > S18A > S22A


Thank you for reading!

If you have any further questions, feel free to send me an email via

Cover photo by: edwicks_toybox from Flickr



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daristan - March 16, 2020

Hi it has been useful, could you do an update With the new model on the chart since it has been 2.5 years already.

Frank - July 21, 2018

What would be the tallest Phicen model # ?
I can’t seem to find the height information anywhere.

Thank You,

Bill Dickey - July 21, 2018

I would like to see the detailed secret parts please of the tan body. Thank you

Gustavo Gomez - July 21, 2018

Hi. I wanted to ask you how to clean and keep the bodies in good condition. I bought a used figure in very good condition but it seems to be dirty and stained and I have no idea how to clean it. I would greatly appreciate your response. PS: thanks to your article I was able to inform me better, thank you !!

Ricky Loh - July 21, 2018

Hi, is the S07C & S09C the only detail body with female private parts. Is there any model which is totally seamless with detail female parts with phicen quality and built. Tks

Joe - July 21, 2018

Is there an updated chart with the S16A and S17B

mini - July 21, 2018

What about heads? Seen lots of places doing custom heads but almost none mention about the compatibility to this body?

Randy Lathrop - December 13, 2017

Very informative, thank you. But where do models such as the S16A and S17B fit in?

João Carlos Sanchez - October 23, 2017

Thank you so much for the article, it helped me a lot how to choose my Phicen doll.
It is a excellent reference from now on.
Best regards,
João Carlos Sanchez

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