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Service recovered! We are shipping as usual now.

Service recovered! We are shipping as usual now.

Hello collectors!

Giantoy has now recovered all services and we'll be operating just like usual now. 😄

Most of you might know about the outbreak of COVID-19 in China. We had a one-month quarantine to control the epidemic. Positive trend is expanding recently and our society is recovering rapidly. So we think it's time that we let you know that we could ship as usual right now!

How are things right now in Giantoy?

Actually, we recovered operation on Feb 10, and shipped out orders during holiday within the first week. We didn't announce our coming-back because we wanted to catch our breath with processing the delayed orders first, also back on Feb 10, almost no suppliers were back, and only one or two carrier was shipping.

Until this moment:

  • Shipping - Fully recovered.
  • Customs - Normal
  • Supply - Most of our suppliers are back, items you can add to cart are all available. (TBLeague bodies would ship after March 2)
  • After-sales - Most Factories would still need a few weeks to be ready to answer for the after-sales requests.

Is the shipping service normal in China?

Yes. Most channels are normal now, below are a few packages that I picked randomly shipped in February. (Please note that these are only examples and not strict standard for every package).

In January, the shipping service might be compromised because of the Spring Festival / followed quarantine, but in February things are looking more positive right now.

United States


United Kingdom






We would also monitor the shipping performance of our current channels and make according adjustments if any abnormal signal shows.

Will the pre-orders be delayed or cancelled?

Factories might be the latest entity to resume operation, because they have the most employees.

Most factories will come back in March, 2020.

The possibility for project cancelling is very little, because the decision of keeping / cancelling a pre-order is made by the pre-orders / reservations quantity, which is usually known in the early phase of a pre-order waiting.

However, because all factories did not work from late Jan to March (about one month), this could be a cause of release delay, please kindly understand.

Will there by any customs issues ordering from China right now?

There are no such concerns at this moment. COVID-19 is still transmitted through the respiratory tract and can't survive on packages. The situation has also been taken under control after the quarantine. In our province, it has been almost one week that we see 0 new infections. Please rest assured.

Are you safe right now?

A lot of customers are very concerned of our safety, we are very grateful. ❤️Thank you!

Our life is almost the same as before now, expect that we have to wear masks most time of the day, and wash our hands a lot more. Hopefully in the near future, we could conquer this epidemic in our country, and worldwide.

Stay well. 

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João Carlos Sanchez - March 16, 2020

Good to hear these good news and know your team is safe and sound.
Best regards,

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