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Introducing Reward Program

Reward points = discounts

Where can I see my reward points?

Every registered member on our website has a reward points wallet. When you make an order or share our site, you can earn reward points which would be put in your account automatically. When you stay with us more, you would accumulated more and more points, which could be redeemed to discounts / vouchers.

The amount of reward points earned in history would also put you in a VIP tier, we are still designing this part of this system, but obviously if your VIP tier is higher, you would get better exclusive privileges. 😉


Ordering and sharing to earn rewards

Simply register to earn the first 300 points.

You would get 300 days after you create an account on our store. Let's start from here!

Order value 1 : 1 to reward points.

If you log in your account when order is placed, you would get an equivalent amount of reward points to your account. Say, ordering a TBleague body now priced at $56.99, you can get 57 points after you pay, this would be done automatically after you make the purchase.

Just remember one thing, you have to own an account first, not just leaving a email for contact. Your email needs to be registered and activated — it's very simple, basically you would only have to set a password, we don't require you submit anything unnecessary. (Activate your account now)

Specially, for items ordered with deposit, you would get the reward points from system first, when you pay off the remaining balance via PayPal invoice after release, you would get the remaining part. Difference is that the remaining part would be added by us manually, so you might receive your points a couple days later, but don't worry, you would get it soon.


Share us to social media

You can like our Facebook Page to earn 50 points, and share us to get 200 points.

Invite a friend

You can invite your friend with your own unique referral link. When they order, they can get 5% discount off for their first order, and you can get $5 off couple code in your account.

Note that you can't invite yourself, system would recognize it the referral would not activate the reward on this case.

You can find it here

If you are an influencer!

If you have many followers sharing your hobby, you can send your link to your followers so that they could all get discount when they purchase, and you can accumulate lots of discount codes for your own use.


Redeem the points to discounts or gifts

Redeem rewards points to discount codes

Different discount codes cost you different amounts of reward points, you can choose the one you want to redeem. Once it's done, you would have a discount code stocking in your reward panel. You can use it immediately or whenever you make the next purchase.


Redeem rewards points to gift

You can also use reward points to order specific items directly just like cash.


1. How to use discount code when checkout?

You need to fill it in the discount inbox in the checkout page, after you confirm you cart. For details please refer:

How to use discount code when checkout?

Where can I see my reward points?


2. What if I miss out the chance to win reward points because I forgot to log in when I made an order?

You can contact our support and give us the order numbers which you didn't get rewarded because they were made before the account creation. We would manually add the points for you. Note that the email accounts need to be identical to apply for this change.