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In-hand review of 1/6 scale Jerome Valeska in Gotham by ToysEra

Hey fellow collectors, yesterday I received a new figure from ToysEra. And I made a video to walk you through it. I posted it on our Facebook page too, and collectors seem to like this figure a lot!

If you feel interested, click here to order it from our website directly. 


Find out more by watching this in-hand review now. 


Here are some close-up photo shoots for the details of the head sculpt and fiber of the costume. 

The eyes are adjustable. You can create a really creepy look by toggling the sticks inside his head.

The details of the "stitches". Very authentic.

A close look at the clothes.Hes wearing a red Tuxedo outside, the fibers look in really good quality. It has some dark patterns on it and looks glitter from some angles. The brown waistcoat feels like flannel. An interesting detail is that they're some magnetic chips sewed side which makes it very easy to buckle up, and saves a lot of unnecessary stitches. The khaki trousers are decorated with black Ribbons on the side.

At last, I want to say although it does not have a luxury pack of accessories,  this figure speaks for itself with a very good head sculpt plus clothes/costumes , especially head sculpt, its key components as aone-sixth scale figure is first-grade. If you are a fan of Joker, you must already have Jokerby Health Ledge, maybe even Jared Leto. Then maybe this one could be the next to have in your collection. 


Thank you for reading, hope this review could be informative and helpful to you. 



Amelia K.

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