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Newest 1/6 scale head sculpt for John Wick 2 by ELEVEN close-up comparison between V1:V2

Head sculpt is the without a doubt the most significant part in a 1/6 scale action figure. Companies like Hot Toys are famous for their superb work in the head sculpts. 

As a third party company, ELEVEN has also delivered a list of high-quality head sculpts. Click here to see all the products made by ELEVEN. With these excellent head sculpts, high-level collectors and customizing lovers could make a figure by themselves.

One of the newest and their most successful work is John Wick. There are 2 versions. Which one is better? I make a video to show you all the details from all the angles in hand.

Let's take a look! 

 To have any of this, please click the link below.

 1.0 version 

 2.0 version


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