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[Policy] Shipping loss

We determine the package loss and provide a full refund/replacement solution when any of the following conditions are met:

  • The tracking updates have paused for a long time and the carrier has confirmed that the package is lost.
  • The tracking updates indicate a "delivered" status without you actually receiving the package and the local carrier has provided "non-delivery proof". (To prevent the shipping companies from losing operation records, please watch the shipping status after receiving the shipping notice and contact us when you observe anything abnormal). If you cannot provide the "non-delivery proof" or any other documents with the same effect from the local carrier, we will rely on the "delivered" status provided by the carrier.


  • Delivery failures/fraudulent receipt by others due to mistaken/old address
  • Package return due to buyers' rejection of signing for the package or providing information/fees to the local authorities/carriers. (Due to the service limits, the rejected packages won't be actually returned to us. Therefore, please avoid using this method to reject a package in order to prevent losing the guarantee of your order. If you have any problems, please contact us first).