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[Policy] Exemptions for after-sales

The following conditions are NOT in the coverage of the after-sales policy:

  • The product is damaged after opening due to improper installations.
  • The product does not match your expectation fully but has no quality defects (Quality defects are judged by using the same batch of normal products as a control group). Common major quality defects are missing parts, damaged parts, and manufacturing errors. The following conditions are not quality defects:
    • The actual effects slightly vary from the advised effects in the stock images (The factories might adjust the details in the mass production)
    • Some accessories are not removable (although most accessories of the action figures are removable, special designs of some products might lead to a few accessories difficult to be removed, such as jumpsuits, armor, etc.)
  • The product has normal errors due to the nature of handmade products (Caused by the differences in the production process, such as small defects, sub-mold line traces, color differences, etc.)
  • The outer packaging has slight bumps and dents due to production, packaging, shipping, and other reasons.
  • The product has a problem but is self-repairable, such as loose joint connections.
  • The product in some special materials changes normally after long storage due to environment and maintenance methods:
    • Most figure bodies will be dyed by the clothing after a long time of attachment.
    • Some leather-made accessories will change color or have partial flaking.