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[Policy] Order information checking and revision

Please make sure you check the information accuracy of your order after purchase. If anything needs to be revised, please contact us before the dispatch.


Shipping address:

We will always ship to the address in the order (not the default address in your profile). After the revision is done, your order information will be updated.

  • Please note that revising the shipping address on your account page will NOT update the shipping addresses of your pending orders. You will have to contact us to fulfill the revision.
  • We will NOT double-check the address with you when the pre-order product is released and ready to ship. Since the pre-order waiting usually requires a period of time, please make sure to contact us before the despatch when your address has changed or is about to.


Billing address:

Because of technical limits, the billing address cannot be modified, but it does not have any actual influence on the shipping arrangements either.


Product type:

We will send you the product you purchased. Only when all of the following conditions are met, we can switch the product for you. Else, we can only cancel the item(s) you do not need in the original order. You can use the refund to place a new order or request us to create a new order for you using the paid amount as a credit instead of refunding you. (Note that if want to cancel a paid item and use the payment as a credit on a new order, we still have to determine whether there is a cancellation fee according to the cancellation policy)

  • The item you paid for and wish to switch to are both in non-deposit format.
  • Their prices are entirely the same.
  • You do not mind the order history remains the same (because of technical limits, we cannot revise the products in the order history, but can add notes in our shipping system)


Please make sure you check the complete product information (including title, brand, description, etc.) to make sure it is what you want.

due to copyright to related reasons, we might hide the photos of some products, but we will always keep the product title/brand name/ description transparent. Please make sure you check all the information before you place the order, and contact us if you have any questions.


Shipping option:

Upgrading or downgrading shipping options usually results in postage changes. If you need to upgrade your order to premium shipping, we will send you a payment link; if you want to downgrade to standard shipping(and your address is supported with it), we will refund you the cost difference. Because of the technical limits, the shipping option revision will not reflect in your order information, but we will make sure to add notes in our shipping system.