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Shipping methods and postage to different countries

Some basics

  • We ship from China(mainland).
  • We use fully traceable tracking numbers for all packages.


  • For most countries we ship to, a standard shipping plan is offered for free, as we already include the postage in the product's pricing (Scroll down to the spreadsheet for specifics)
  • If the shipping cost for us to send a package to a country is above the average cost, we will charge the exceeding part which will reflect as a postage during the checkout.
  • For some countries, we support multiple shipping plans. You can see a list of all available shipping methods along with their prices and descriptions on the checkout page and choose any to proceed.

  • If postage is needed because the shipping to a country is not free or that the buyer chooses an expedited shipping method, the charge will take place when the order is placed. If it is a pre-order, the postage will be collected when the order is placed instead of when paying the balance.
  • If the chosen shipping method (e.g., most expedited couriers: DHL, FedEx, EMS, etc.) comes with a relatively high fixed cost per package, extra postage is needed if the order requires split shipments. 


EU Tax is added to the postage

Orders from the EU are currently the only ones we collect tax on. 
The tax is calculated together with the postage, which means the postage displayed is the sum of tax and actual net postage.
You may see your country listed with a standard shipping plan of "free shipping" while the check-out page still display a cost in the postage field. The reason is because that the displayed value is not postage, but tax.
The tax for one product is $1~$5, according to the product category instead of the actual price.

Shipping methods for countries

Below is a spreadsheet of all the countries we can ship to and their shipping options.

  • The cost of the standard shipping is listed: Free shipping / weight-based. "Weight-based" means the postage of the postage value is based on the weight of the items in this order. 
  • All expedited shipping options require postage. 
  • We will update this spreadsheet according to the real-time shipping cost level. Please refer to the postage calculated during checkout as the most accurate information.