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[Policy] Postage and shipping plans

Postage Policy


  • 2022-02-15 Due to the increased shipping costs, we began to charge shipping fee for orders to Brazil according to the weight. (We will keep the postage up-to-date and make the adjustments when the shipping costs change to the normal level)


Our product pricing already includes a "standard shipping cost". "Free shipping" option is available for the areas with shipping costs similar to our standard shipping cost.

  • Free shipping areas: Free shipping is available when you check out (if you are from free shipping areas in the EU, the displayed "shipping price" is not "0" because the "shipping" is a combination of actual postage and sales tax)
  • Other areas: You will have to pay the price difference between "actual shipping cost" and our "standard shipping cost" when checkout.


Multiple shipping options

For some countries, we provide multiple shipping options. You can see the list of all available shipping methods along with their prices and descriptions on the checkout page and choose any to proceed.

"Standard shipping" and "premium shipping"

A shipping option is decided as a "standard" or "premium" level based on the average delivery time and service grades provided by the courier. (NOT by whether it is free)

Generally, "premium shipping" options have a faster delivery speed (1-week for non-postal commercial expedited couriers), while "standard shipping" options need 2-3 weeks (fluctuates according to the season and the processing speed of each country).


Conditions where additional shipping charges apply

  • When the "standard shipping" option is not available and we can only upgrade the shipping to "premium shipping" to send your package:
    • The size/weight exceeds the limit of all the available carriers we use for "standard shipping"
    • The service of all available carriers we use for "standard shipping" turns unavailable to your address due to force majeure
  • When your order applies "premium shipping" but includes multiple shipments:
    • The "premium shipping" cost includes a fixed cost per package. We will contact you to collect the surcharge if your order needs split shipments
    • Split shipments of orders applied with "standard shipping" do not incur surcharges.


Country Free shipping Paid shipping (Min) Tax Expedited shipping
United States US: DHL
Remote areas in the U.S.
Mexico $10 /Kg, $0 /package EMS(Zone 8)
United Kingdom
Cyprus 💰
Greece 💰
Malta 💰
Germany 💰
Lithuania 💰
Estonia 💰
Spain 💰
Slovenia 💰
Latvia 💰
Croatia 💰
Slovak 💰
Czechia 💰 EU: FedEx(Include Tax)
Netherlands 💰 EU: FedEx(Include Tax)
France 💰 EU: FedEx(Include Tax)
Portugal 💰 EU: FedEx(Include Tax)
Hungary 💰 EU: FedEx(Include Tax)
Austria 💰 EU: FedEx(Include Tax)
Belgium 💰 EU: FedEx(Include Tax)
Poland 💰 EU: FedEx(Include Tax)
Italy 💰 EU: FedEx(Include Tax)
Luxembourg 💰 EU: FedEx(Include Tax)
Denmark 💰 EU: FedEx(Include Tax)
Finland 💰 EU: FedEx(Include Tax)
Ireland 💰
Sweden 💰 EU: FedEx(Include Tax)
Reunion $15 /Kg, $0 /package
Belarus $15 /Kg, $0 /package 💰
Iceland $15 /Kg, $0 /package
Gibraltar $15 /Kg, $0 /package
Serbia $15 /Kg, $0 /package
New Zealand
Israel Zone H: FedEx
Philippines $10 /Kg, $0 /package PH: FedEx
Oman Zone H: FedEx
Brazil $5 /Kg, $0 /package
Argentina $20 /Kg, $0 /package
Chile $10 /Kg, $2 /package
Colombia $10 /Kg, $2 /package
Peru EMS(Zone 8)
South Africa Zone H: FedEx
Egypt Zone H: FedEx
Saudi Arabia 4PX EXPRESS
United Arab Emirates