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[Policy] Product weight and shipping weight limit

Product weight and shipping weight limit

The estimated product weight is displayed on the product page and is a gross value after packing.

If your shipping address is outside the areas below, there are no weight limits on your packages. we have alternative shipping plans to carry heavier packages with no additional fees on your end. You do not need to consider weight limits when ordering.

If your shipping address is within the areas below, there are limits on the weight of the packages we can send. You can still choose a relatively economic "standard shipping" plan to place the order:

  • If the overweight issue can be solved by split shipments, we will split the order into several packages and charge no additional fees
  • If your order is included with a single item over the weight limit and placed with the "standard shipping" plan, we will hold the shipment and contact you for advice
    • You can upgrade the shipping to "premium shipping" by paying the shipping price difference
    • You can provide us a new address outside the areas with weight limits



Remote areas in the U.S.: ZIP Codes 006-009, 967-969, 995-999. The other areas do not have this limit.  

Country Weight limit (Kg)
Ukraine 2
Reunion 2
Belarus 2
Iceland 2
Gibraltar 2
Serbia 2
Indonesia 2
India 2
Oman 2
Brazil 5
Argentina 2