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New EU VAT rules and how do we deal with tax from July 1, 2021


This policy will only influence the customers from EU counties. If you are not from one, the tax is still free for you : ) Go to this page if you want to know more about our shipping/carriers. 


What changed in the policy?

To put it simple, the 22 euro tax exemption is no longer available after July 1, 2021. All packages entering EU need to be taxed according to the VAT rate of the specific country.


What has changed to your shopping experience?

  • You need to pay a very low amount of tax (we call it partial tax) when order . The amount is subject to the product category, $5 max. 
  • You do not need to pay any tax again  when the package enters your customs.  The package would be cleared directly because the tax is pre-paid (DDP)

What would we do?

  • The actual payment of VAT is taken care of by us (The partial tax you pay is to offset the cost here)
  • Each package will be sent with an IOSS code to make sure it's without customs hassles (The IOSS code is an identifier that the tax has already been paid)

How to pay the tax?

The tax payment is integrated in the current checkout. It is calculated together  with the shipping cost. 

We offer free shipping to most countries in Europe, which hasn't changed.

The only difference is that display of shipping cost is now the total of the partial tax and postage.

e.g. if you order a full figure at $200 and choose the standard shipping, the postage is still $0.00, but after July 1, 2021, the shipping cost would display $0.00 + $5.00 = $5.00

What is the specific amount of the partial tax

Note: The partial tax value might be adjusted according to the following policy changes. We would keep it up-to-date here. You can also refer to the calculation when checkout. 

Product Category Partial Tax You Pay
1/6 Clothes Set $0.63
1/6 Head Sculpt $0.63
1/6 Accessories $0.63
1/6 Weapon $0.63
1/12 Head Sculpt $0.63
1/12 Body $0.63
1/12 Clothes Set $0.63
1/12 Accessories $0.63
1/6 Custom Kit $1.25
1/12 Custom Kit $1.25
1/6 Body $2.00
1/6 Scene & Diorama $2.50
1/12 Scene & Diorama $2.50
1/12 Full Box $2.50
1/6 Full Box $5.00


Since the new policy has just started, we will follow up on the changes closely and making adjustments in a timely manner. 
We'll try our best to keep your shopping experience as easy and secure as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 
Thank you so much for your support!