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[Policy]Payment plans: "full price" and "deposit"

Payment plans: "full price" and "deposit"

  • All in-stock products can only be ordered with this option.
  • All pre-order products support the "full-payment" option. If you order with the full payment option, all payments (including tax and postage) are collected when the order is placed so that you can wait for the shipment with no concerns.



You can order a product by paying a deposit first and the remaining balance when it is getting released soon. "Deposit payment" only applies to the products on pre-order status (some products with relatively low prices only accept "full-payment" options)

  • Deposit amount: $19.99 generally (For a limited few products at higher prices, the deposit can also be set at a higher price)
  • Validity and priority for orders paid with deposit: Same as the orders paid with "full-payment", the reservation is secured after the order is confirmed. After the product arrives, the orders placed with a "deposit" and the balance paid in full will also ship at the same time as the "full-payment" orders.
  • Balance amount: The amount of "full price" on the product page deducting the "deposit". The postage and tax will be collected together with the deposit when the order is placed, the balance amount only includes the remaining of the product price amount (Orders before July 1, 2021, might have a tax added to the balance invoice)
  • Balance payment method: a PayPal invoice will be sent to you. (The billing email is your order email by default. Make sure this email is valid)
  • Opening time of the balance payment: We usually send the invoices after we are notified that the release is coming soon (We might advance the opening time if the product value/quantity is higher than average)
  • Validity of balance payment: The invoice stays valid for 15 days. After the deadline, we will close the order by the cancellation procedure. If you need a longer time to pay, please contact us before the deadline.
  • Deposit refund: Refer to order cancellation policy.


Make sure you can receive our emails

In order to avoid missing out on the release notifications and invoices, please make sure you can receive our emails and add us to the safe senders' list.

We will send you these notifications if you pre-order with a "deposit":

  • At the same time we send you the balance invoice
  • When the balance invoice is about to expire
  • If the balance invoice is overdue and canceled