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Pre-order with deposit

What is deposit?

Deposit is a small amount of payment you make to reserve a product in pre-order status.

  • We only provide this option for "pre-order" items with price above $80.
  • Deposit are $19.99 universally. 
  • Deposit-made orders has the same priority as full-payment-made ones.
  • Deposit is refundable before release date. 

How much else do I have to pay?

Remaining balance = Full Price - Deposit ($19.99)

  • We would maintain the stable price during the whole process. 

When do I pay the rest, and how?

  • We would send you a PayPal invoice when we hear about imminent release. 
  • Remaining balance is not needed before release. 
  • Please make sure your account on our website is the same as your PayPal account, and do not block our emails ( in case you miss out release notifications.