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[Pop-up] Refundable deposit

Pre-order policy

If you need to cancel your pre-order, the refund amount will be determined by the following conditions: 

  • If the request is made within 7 days after purchase, you will get a full refund. 
  • If the request is made after 7 days, you will get an 85% of the paid amount, 15% as the cancellation fee. 
  • If the request is made after the release notification, you will get 50% of the paid amount from a refund or transfer, or 70% store credit from a voucher or reward points which you can use as discounts for future purchases. 
  • If the project is confirmed canceled by the supplier, you will get a full refund with no questions asked. 

The reason for the cancellation fee

In order to secure all pre-orders, we need to make purchase contracts with our suppliers that include non-refundable deposits and purchase commitments that must be fulfilled. Pre-orders canceled due to buyers' reasons will cause additional purchasing/warehousing costs for us. 

In order to take better control over the purchase plans and storage costs, please kindly understand that we need a part of the payment as a cancellation fee to offset the risks and costs. 

We don't take responsibility for pre-order release delay

As a seller, we do not promise actual shipping times for pre-order products and do not take responsibility for the release delay, as it is entirely up to the suppliers and factories.

We can ensure you that:

  • Process your order as soon as the product is officially released
  • Respond to your requests on your order progress during the wait with all information we can provide

Order cancellation requests with "release delay" still need to comply with our pre-order policy. Please consider carefully before making the pre-order, and make sure that the product is what you do not mind giving it some extra time. 


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