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Line-up comparison of TBLeague Male figures (M30~M36)

Line-up comparison of TBLeague Male figures (M30~M36)

We have written a few blogs about TBLeague (Phicen) female bodies, today we are going to extend this topic to the male series. Below we have attached a long stitched photo of all the TBleague male bodies we have on the marker, we also summarized the differences from a few major aspects for your reference. 😉 

Note: It’s recommended to download the photo and view it on a bigger screen.

TBleague Male bodies: Click here

1. Skintone

M30~M35 have highly similar skin tone, which could match all the suntan head sculpts on the market.

M36-A is as the same color as M30~M35, its twin M36-B is in brown skin tone. 


2. Height

This is most frequently asked about specification. You can download and enlarge the photo to see the actual measurements of all body types. Since there are different standards / requirements to define "height", feet to shoulder, feet to neck joint, feet to head... So we would leave that to you to find out in the actual photo.

Generally, there are about 4 tiers of heights.

  • M36 (A & B) is of course the highest. With head sculpt on they can be 33~34 cm.
  • M34, M35 come second. With head sculpt on they can be around 31 cm.
  • M31, M32, M33 come third. With head sculpt on they can be around 30 cm.
  • M30 is the shortest. With head sculpt on they can be around 28~29 cm.

This is the information by TBLeague (all measurements are with head on)

  • M30: 29 cm. 
  • M31: 31cm.
  • M32: 31cm.
  • M33: 31cm.
  • M34: 31cm.
  • M35: Not specified
  • M36 (A/B): 33.5 cm 

3. Muscles / size

The amount of the muscles defines the size of the body. You would consider this mostly when you are choosing the clothes set at the same time.

Although most of the types are in the same shoulder width (about 9cm, M35 is about 0.5 wider), it‘s the perimeter you have to consider and muscles determines that.

Generally, there are about 4 tiers of Muscle amount

  • M35 is with the most amount of muscles in both chest, arms and legs, M34 is a little bit less exaggerate.
  • M32 and M33 come after, M33 is comparatively stronger, but M32 has more back muscles, more vein details on the skin, and is the most officially recommended body if you are customezing Bruce Lee.
  • M30 is short but bulk. Because of the height, M30 only shows 4 packs of abdominal muscle, but the chest muscles are even more in shape than M32 & M33. It also has very obvious muscles on the arms and thighs. Compared to M32~M35, the curves of the muscles are fewer and smoother, and the arms are its biggest characteristic.
  • M31 is with the leanest muscle. Smooth all over the body with no veins and extra muscle lines.

4. Clothes for TBleague Male bodies

Because of the size and sticky skin material (silica gel), most clothes already worn on a standard-size figure could be too tight to fit on TBLeague male bodies.

Usually, if the clothes is designed specially for TBLeague bodies, it would have a very clear statement in its product description.

4.1 Some standard clothes choices for TBLeague male bodies

If you are customizing a figure from scratch and very much want to select a seamless body, this could be helpful.

4.2 Pick a body for a custom kit

There are some custom kit with head and costume and officially recommended to go with a TBleague body, for those you can follow the offcial advise by supplier.


5. Head sculpts for TBleague Male Bodies

As long as the head is 1/6 scale and not with a built-in neck, you are safe to choose a TBleague Male body. If the skin tone is black, please choose M36-B.  

  • All male head sculpts that could fit TBLeague: Click here
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