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Temporary shipping delay due to the covid

Hello dear collectors! 

We are sorry to inform you that the despatch of the "in-stock" items has to be delayed due to the latest surge of covid in the city. The shortage of hands caused by the temporary absence of some employees and the delay in domestic shipping will extend the wait for us to receive, pack and deliver your package(s). Therefore, please kindly understand that the "in-stock" items will have to be shipped 3-5 business days later than usual. 

We anticipate that this situation will be resolved within a week. We should be able to operate in full capacity from Monday (December 26, 2022). During this period, you can still place new orders for the "in-stock" items and pay the remaining balance of the released figures that we invoice you about. The shipment will be arranged as soon as possible. We deeply appreciate your patience or the extra wait due to this special situation. 🙏 

In the meantime, everything else is the same: 

  • The processing for all the "pre-order" items stays normal (once paid, your reservation is valid) 
  • The customer service works as usual. 


Thank you all so much for your kind understanding! Wish you a safe, peaceful, and enjoyable holiday ❄



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