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[Policy] After-sales coverage and solutions

We provide after-sales service for the following conditions, if the problem is not listed in the after-sales exemptions.
  • Mis-shipment: If you are willing to keep the product, we can provide you with a discount. Else, you can request a return.
  • Accessory issues (accessories missing out, damaged, produced in error): The prioritized solution will be sending the original replacement accessory requested from the supplier. You can also choose to accept a refund instead according to the compensation standards or request a refund (if you still prefer to return the product when the problem can be solved by replacing the accessories, you need to share a part of postage for this situation, details please refer to the return policy)

  • Severely shipping damages to the outer packaging: if you are willing to keep the product, we can provide you a partial refund according to our compensation policy. Else, you can request a return (Due to the international long-distance transport, please allow the packaging to have slight wrinkles or deformation. We do NOT support returns for minor shipping damages. If you have very strict requirements for the packaging condition, please make sure you consider this point when purchasing.)

Process of requesting after-sales support

  • Make contact with us if the product has quality issues or shipping damage and provide photos to explain the problem.
  • We will analyze the problem and provide any of the following solutions based on the nature of it and whether the factory can provide replacement parts:
    • Send replacement parts: We will request replacements from the factory and then send them to you at our cost.
    • Provide a partial refund: If the factory does not have spare parts to provide, we will provide you a partial refund based on the grading of the quality issue and the Max reimbursement value of the parts

The grading of quality issues

The chart below lists the common types of quality problems and their grades.

Quality issue description Grading
Electronic function failure (no other appearance issues) Medium
Missing-out/wrong accessory High
Wrong/omission painting for accessories Depends
The detachment between accessories(can be fixed by glue or changing connectors) Low
Structural breakage/deformation of accessories(cannot be fixed by replacing connectors) High
Partial surface cracking (fiber, soft rubber, etc) Depends


Different gradings correspond to different reimbursement percentages.

  • Low: 25%
  • Medium: 50%
  • High: 100%

Max reimbursement value of parts

Accessory Max reimbursement value
No broken accessories (detachment issue) 5
Head sculpt w/o special functions 25
Head sculpt w/ special functions 40
Joined figure (material: hard plastic) 20
Seamless figure (material: Silicone) 40
Body w/ special design (tattoo, altered limbs) 40
Clothes piece w/o special design (small) 5
Clothes piece w/o special design (middle) 10
Clothes piece w/o special design (large) 15
Clothes piece w/ special design (small) 15
Clothes piece w/ special design (middle) 20
Clothes piece w/ special design (large) 30
Weapon (large) 15
Weapon (small) 5
Other scene props 5
Figure stand w/o special design 10
Figure stand w/ special design Depends
Packaging box Depends