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[Policy] Declaration

  • Generally, we declare the product name as "action figure toys" and value less than $20 according to the specific product category it belongs to.
  • For taxed orders (refer to policy: Tax price), we will use a tax-pre-paid shipping method (authorized with our own IOSS code) so that you don't get taxed again.
  • We strive to give as much consideration as possible to avoid stops and fees at the customs when we are choosing the carriers. However, normal inspections due to local customs policy and inspection protocol cannot be completely avoided. If you are notified by the local authorities to assist with the clearance by providing information or fees, please make sure to respond in time in case the package gets detained/abandoned. If you have any concerns, please contact us first. (Make sure you DO NOT reject the package under these circumstances without talking to us, in case of losing the money-back guarantee for this order).