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Price and fee

1. Product price

  • The price of the product is displayed on the product page. By default, the price is in USD currency, you can also switch another currency when browsing our store.
  • For products with multiple versions, you can select specific version to check the corresponding price. Make sure the version is what you want when adding it to the cart.

  • For products supported with deposit ordering, you can select "full price" to check the full-amount price. If you proceed with a pre-order with deposit, the balance is full price minus deposit. We will charge you with a PayPal invoice when the product is released.

  • If you pre-order with a deposit, we will guarantee that the full price is the same amount as the one when your order is made.

2. Postage

  • We support free shipping plan to most countries with fully traceable tracking methods. (Check whether your country is included)

  • In order to meet the demands for different shipping speed, we support multiple shipping plans for some countries. You can see a list of all available shipping methods, their prices and descriptions on the checkout page and choose any for your order.

  • For some countries (now only for EU), we include tax in the shipping costs, which means the shipping costs displayed are the sum of tax and the actual shipping fee. We will use a more favorable tax calculation scheme, charging only a few dollars (amount is dependent on the product category). We will pay the tax to ensure that you do not need to deal with the customs afterward.

3. Tax

Right now we only charge tax on orders from EU countries. View this page for specifics.