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In-stock 1/6 SONDER War of song & Jin Dynasties Heavy army commander SD006

by SONDER Soldout
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In-stock for despatch 100% Original

About Full Box

1. This is a fully assembled 1/6 scale action figure with body, head and accessories in the description.
2. It comes with an original packaging box from the factory.

Packing List:

0. Head x1
1. Movable body x1
2. modeling handsx5
3. Helmet x1
4. Suit of uniform of Jin Dynasty x1
5. Underwear+Pants x1
6. Wrist protector (right) x1
7. Leg protection (right) x1
8. Waist protection x1
9. Bundle armour belt x1
10. Leather belt x1
11. artisanal cloth shoes x1
13. Metal Body armor x1
14. Metal leg Armor x1
16. Mace scabbard x1
17. Four edged iron mace x1
18. Iron sword x1
19. scabbard x1
20. Bow x1
21. Arrow x4
22. Bow sheath x1
23. Arrow quiver x1
24. Belt x1

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