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Pre-order 1/6 DID D80171 German 12th SS Panzer Division Oberschütze Figure

by DID Pre-order

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Pre-order information:

1. This is a pre-order product. Estimated release in —  Jan, 2024
2. The actual release time is subject to the production schedule on the supplier's end, and beyond our control. There could be a delay because of scheduling adjustments or extra time for modification to achieve the best final effect. 
3. The final product might differ slightly from the advertised effect during the pre-order phase. This situation is not applicable for return / after-sale requests.  

Packing List:

Full Part List
1 Headsculpt
2 All New – DID 1:6 HG Body (Slim Tall Ver.)
3 Left Palm X 3 + Right Palm X 3
4 Helmet with inner liner and camouflage cover
5 M44 Pea Dot Camouflage Tunic
6 M44 Pea Dot Camouflage Trousers
7 Shirt
8 Cotton one-piece suit
9 German toque
10 Belt (genuine leather)
11 Y-straps (genuine leather)
12 WWII German field canvas gaiters
13 Boots (genuine leather)
14 WWII German A-frame carrier
15 Bread bag
16 WWII German canteen (metal)
17 WWII German mess tin (metal)
18 WWII German gas mask canister (metal)
19 Shovel (Wood & Metal) with covers (genuine leather)
20 MG42 spare barrel with barrel case (metal)
21 G43 ammo pouch 
22 Black ammo pouch (genuine leather)
23 Drum magazine x 2 with carrier
24 MG42 ammo box (metal)
25 G43 rifle (Wood & Metal) + clip X 1 + bullet X 3
26 Grenade
27 HJ Knife (metal) with Scabbard (metal and genuine leather)
28 Cuff title
29 Collar tab x 1 pair
30 Shoulder board x 1 pair
31 Rank insignia x 1
32 Sleeve Eagle x 1
33 Black wound badge x 1
34 HJ proficiency badge x 1

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